The Healing of Art by Olivia Khalil

A crazed concept it is that sadness and emptiness invite inspiration. How can my heart feel so empty yet so full? Have you ever been so sad yet you can’t even bring yourself to say the words out loud? Your mind is in so many different places at once, and you can’t even find a way to express how you are feeling.

“What is on your mind? Tell me what you’re thinking.”

I wish I could. But trying to explain how I feel is like trying to describe the colour blue to someone who cannot see. But who ever said we needed to confide in and pour our hearts out to someone? Why not something?
I can write out all my feelings on paper but it will not give away my secrets to anyone, not even to the other side. I can paint something complex and abstract but even by my choice of colour, still, no one could interpret its true meaning. I can capture a beautiful picture of the most random location, and no one would ever know that’s the place where he first kissed me. I could start to dance and all my thoughts would fall straight to my feet. I could wake up one morning and apply bright red lipstick, but no one would’ve known I was feeling blue.
That’s the thing about art. It is the most dangerous yet beautiful form of expression. It allows you to free and speak your mind without having to communicate; so authentic yet so irrational. The greatest part of all is that no matter what form of art you choose, no one can depict what you were thinking of in that exact moment, except yourself. So turn your thoughts, emotions, troubles and worries into a masterpiece. ‘Cause as we all know, planting your trust in someone and spilling your heart out on the table like a glass of water, could be so terrifying.

Because people leave. But art won’t.

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