daily questions

This page is dedicated to life's most complex questions. These are questions we find ourselves asking ourselves or others at least once, attempting to unravel a truth. 

With paper & pen let your thoughts wander. 


Has religion doomed humanity?

Will humanity ever abandon religion or the concept of God?

Considering all of human history, does humanity deserve to still exist? 

You’ve built a time machine. It only goes one direction in time. Do you want to see how it all began? Or how it all will end?

Should our relationship to the animal kingdom/natural world be one of equivalency or supremacy?

Does humanity have a future beyond Earth?

Will neuroscience change criminal law?

What is the fascination with texting and being on our phones 24/7?

What would happen if humanity were to encounter an alien species, how would we react?

What is consciousness?

Will a nuclear war break out within our lifetime?